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Tap 2 Donate Benefits

In 2020 more than 26 million was lost to staff not receiving tips worldwide due to Covid and people not carrying cash, many industries relied upon this to survive, especially Churches & Charities reporting losses of over 40% by not receiving donations.

Irelands new tipping law came into force 1st Dec 2022

The tax complexities in Ireland faced by restaurateurs and small business owners are so time consuming that Tap 2 Donate can now remove that liability from the owner by directly funding the staff or patrons, allowing us to look after your tips and letting you look after your business.

  • Encourages spontaneous tipping/donations

  • More secure, less administration

  • Potential to reduce costs

  • Boost staff moral

  • Separate gratuity from revenue 

  • Easier to track campaigns

  • Inspires confidence in your brand

  • More convenient for customers, volunteers and donors

  • Reduce cash handling charges

  • Plug and Play setup

  • Increase donations by 35%

Want to know more?

To find out if Tap 2 Donate suits your business or charity, Please send us an email or complete the order form on our contact us page. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Let’s simplify it… If you receive cash donations or tips right now, Tap 2 Donate is for you. With one of our contactless unattended mobile terminals, collecting tips or donations is quick and easy

Office: 066 71 30701

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